Tuesday, December 16, 2014

UFO Hovering Over Vancouver, WA

A stationary craft is caught hovering over a Vancouver, Washington neighborhood on December 7th. No in depth details were given except for the place and time of the UFO sighting.(Read full article with video)

Saturday, December 13, 2014

UFO Sighting - Close Up South Orange Co.

"Last night I saw a small far away object drifting by but it was as small as a star & I just couldn't see it on the recorder's screen. But since I saw one last night, I thought I might have a good chance of seeing another tonight. Right after I walked outside, opened the lens cover & propped up the tripod, when I tilted my head all the way back I saw this very bright round object passing RIGHT over the...(Read full article with video)

UFO’S Over Rotherham

A quiet, aircraft or aircrafts are spotted over Rotherham.  They do not display conventional aircraft lighting except for pulses or flashes. “I watched two golden lights low on the horizon, they started to rise and when they were joined by a smaller pulsating third, i scrambled for the camera...(Read full article with video)

TR-3B Aircraft Captured On Camera

A strange, slow, low flying and seemingly quiet aircraft was captured on camera. The video was uploaded to Youtube on 
December 1, 2014 with no video description.

The TR-3B is speculated to be a secret, nuclear powered aircraft with a triangle shape. Created under the Aurora Program and funded by the...(Read full article with video)

UFO’s Over Shoreditch Park In London

On November 30, 2014 around 1:30pm, Luis Jurado captured what looks to be one or more UFO’s flying through the clouds over Shoreditch Park in London, England. A comment from Youtube confirms having seen them in the area on the same day & time connecting them to an orange orb UFO where 20 of these objects were spotted flying alongside and underneath it over Kent/ South East London(Read full article with video)

Mysterious Lights Looking Toward Area 51

“I was hiking in the Utah Desert about 6 pm on 12-01-2014 when I saw strange lights in the sky that would appear and then disappear. I tried to film them 2 times, but would disappear before I could get my phone out. Then I just filmed in that direction and caught the lights as you can see. WHAT ARE THEY???”(Read full article with video)

Amazing UFO Spits Spheres in California

Jim Velasco captures an amazing UFO that spits spheres of light from it. Around 11pm on November 27th in Harbor City, California, Jim noticed a large reddish object near Jupiter. Initially, He thought it may be a helicopter, but with a closer look decided that it was something else and began to film it. He saw a very bright light change shape and then spit out small balls of light.(Read full article with video)