Saturday, November 22, 2014

Massive Fireball Over Oklahoma City

A massive daytime fireball was captured on video in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on Wednesday, November 19.

This is the second time in just weeks that people have witnessed a meteor in the skies over the... (Read full article with video)

Monday, November 17, 2014

UFO Over Liverpool, England

A strange disc shaped object with multicolored lights is witnessed over Old Swan in Liverpool, England.

Witness video description:

“Apologies for the poor camera control and the firework noise in between. I spotted this while having a ciggie lol. It was stationary for some time and then just ... (Read full article with video)

Strange Flashing Light In Argentina Skies

A strange flashing or blinking light was spotted in the skies for several minutes over Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The video starts out following a bright object across the sky. A short time later, a flash is seen and the witness then... (Read full article with video)

Orange Orb UFO By Full Moon

A strange orange orb UFO slowly hovers around the full moon in San Diego, California on November 6, 2014.

The only information given is from the video description which reads... (Read full article with video)

Drone UFO In San Francisco, California

A very strange drone or controlled balloon hovers in the skies of San Francisco.

Witness video description:

“Drone UFO hovering over Post Street near Union Square in San Francisco on 6 Nov 2014. Video was shot using my... (Read full article with video)

Strange Lights In The Sky - Norwich, U.K.

Three strange lights appear in the sky over Norwich, UK.

Witness video description:

“Driving along Sprowston Road in Norwich I noticed three lights in the sky. Moving very slowly with.... (Read full article with video)