Thursday, August 16, 2018

UFO Captured Over Mount Juliet, Tennessee
On May 30, 2018, a bright and silent UFO flies over Mount Juliet, Tennessee disappearing into a thunderstorm cloud. Witness description: "On may 30, 2018 while walking our dogs in the back yard i noticed a bright object low the ground . it was also at the base of a gust front of a thunderstorm. i watched it for a few seconds and realized this was no plane or helicopter and also made no sound . i grabbed my iphone and started videoing. when i found the object it was no longer moving slowly it was descending at a tremendous rate . then stoped in a instant , then slowly changed directions and started to ascend slowly. when i lost sight of the object i stopped videoing. i gasped and could not believe what i had just witnessed! i looked at the video i could see when i had the video paused and zoomed in the object looked to be in the shape of a star."

Source: Mufon Case #93761

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Saturday, August 11, 2018